LOCSU Annual Report 2013/14 - page 11

Building Services – Tried and Tested
Commissioning Directly with Practices
While the LOC Company model has proven to be an
effective approach to commissioning and procurement,
LOCSU continues to support and influence the
development of services in areas where, often for
historical reasons, CCGs decide to commission directly
with practices.
In a sizeable number of cases over the past year, the
Optical Leads have been able to support LOCs and
influence Commissioners working on contracts by
sharing national service specifications and data and
evidence gathered through OptoManager.
Even when not using the company model, more and
more CCGs are choosing to implement the IT platform
to help streamline administration and to allow them to
monitor the services they have commissioned.
Robust data collection is an essential
requirement in all of the services we
commission, therefore, implementing the
OptoManager IT platform so that we can
monitor the outcomes of the community
pathways we have commissioned, with
minimal administration, is an important part
of our strategy. The LOCSU pathways and
accreditationmodules are also very valuable
to CCGs when developing
community eye health services.
Lauren Pennington, Senior CommissioningManager
Planned Care, North East Hampshire and Farnham
Clinical Commissioning Group.
The Tees CCGs ensure that they work
closely with the LOC and its nominated
lead during the development of any optometry-
based service. This is critical to make certain
that a specificationmeets the requirements
of the Commissioners whilst at the same time
guaranteeing that it can be successfully
implemented by the providers. This
collaborative approach is an efficient and
cost-effective method for Commissioners in
obtaining such specialist input, and also
provides a benefit to the local optical
community and patients. NECS/Tees CCGs
have an excellent relationship with the Tees
LOC and the outcome of this relationship
benefits both Commissioners and providers
and it is one that we will be looking
to maintain in the future.
Andrew Rowlands, Senior Commissioning Support
Officer – Provider Management, North of England
Commissioning Support.
See page 24 for detailed Case Studies on
Commissioning Directly with Practices.
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