LOCSU Annual Report 2013/14 - page 12

LOCSU Annual Report 2013/14
Building Services – Demonstrating Quality
As with all providers, Commissioners expect LOC
Companies to be able to monitor the quality of the
services they provide; with particular reference to
the network of sub-contractor practices. LOCSU has
developed a series of tools and processes to ensure
quality is at the heart of the LOC Company concept.
Sub-contractor Practice Accreditation
LOC Company sub-contractor practices have some
strict quality requirements to meet in addition to the
obligation to engage the services of an accredited
clinician to provide the services. The managed service
solution LOCSU has developed with Webstar Health
takes care of the significant administration burden
involved in collecting Quality in Optometry (QiO)
checklists, certificates, and the like, and distributing
Inmy experience, the managed service
solution is invaluable. When there is so
many other important things to attend to, it
significantly reduces the administrative burden
involved in collecting checklists and certificates
and makes easy work of distributing sub-
contracts among practices.
I couldn’t do without it.
Lisa Barker, Primary Eyecare North Yorkshire&Humber.
Clinician Accreditation
The accreditation developed by WOPEC and LOCSU
for various LOCSU pathways is increasingly recognised
by Commissioners as a national standard for services
dependent on core competencies of optometrists and
opticians. Guaranteeing that all participating clinicians
will have successfully completed the appropriate
module(s) and/or practical skills assessments,
supplemented by a requirement to attend dedicated
peer review sessions on an ongoing basis, is reassurance
LOC Companies are able to provide for Commissioners.
Similarly, capturing the evidence of
WOPEC accreditation and its completed
modules, frees up what would otherwise
be an important but time-consuming task
and allows LOC Companies to give the
appropriate assurances
Commissioners require.
Lisa Barker, Primary Eyecare North Yorkshire&Humber.
Quality in Optometry and the
NHS Standard Contract
In anticipation of the NHS Standard Contract becoming
mandatory for community services from 1 April 2014,
LOCSU worked with the QiO working group to develop
a brand new section of the compliance toolkit.
The revamped QiO, launched in April 2014, contains
separate toolkits for LOC Companies contracting with
CCGs, and for the practices that are sub-contracted
by the LOC Companies. Guidance and model policies
and procedures can be accessed within all QiO toolkits
and specific support to help LOC Companies meet
NHS information governance standards is provided
A further QiO toolkit was developed to provide support
for those practices that hold contracts direct with CCGs
on an individual basis.
Reporting to Commissioners and
managing performance
Commissioners normally demand that a minimum
dataset and reports on performance against key
performance indicators are submitted monthly,
therefore it is extremely difficult for LOC Companies to
deliver services without electronic data capture. Where
OptoManager is used, LOCSU Optical Leads work with
LOC Companies and Webstar Health to ensure the
Commissioners requirements are met.
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