LOCSU Annual Report 2013/14 - page 13

Building Services – Communications
Award-winning year for LOCSU
LOCSU consolidates health and
commissioning coverage
It has been an award-winning year for LOCSU
Communications and also one in which we have
started to see our core strategic messages on the
important role community optics can play in the
national media, as well as continuing to reach our
key audiences through the health and commissioning
press. The more Commissioners become aware of the
role of LOCSU and community optics, the more likely
their uptake will be.
This builds on the continuing conversation we have
with LOCs and contractors and performers through
the optical press (
Optician, Optometry Today
Dispensing Optics
), and through our own in-house
channels such as the monthly
and the
LOCSU website.
Coverage highlights include articles in the
Service Journal
on howminor eye conditions services
deflect A&E attendance; in
magazine on access to
eye services and in
Commissioning Success
on the importance of community services.
The Learning Disability pathway was featured online
The Guardian
and the subject has been covered
extensively in both the optical and disability press.
The Optical Confederation and LOCSU collaborated
with organisations from across primary care on a
report to reinforce the message that the NHS will not
be sustainable unless we use all of its primary care
resources fully and appropriately. “We Are Primary
Care”, launched in June, attracted significant media
coverage, notably through
The Independent
LOCSU has attracted coverage on a range of issues
in the optical press, including: the important role
dispensing opticians can play in shaping community
services, the increasing impact of LEHNs; the role
community schemes can play as part of a preventative
policy to help the NHS meet its challenges, and urging
the sector to get involved locally with the Call to Action.
During 2013, a new LOCSU Commissioners Guide
to the Primary Eyecare Model was developed and
distributed to every CCG in England.
In June, an in-house designed poster about the
Learning Disability pathway was awarded top prize
in the poster competition at the Vision UK 2014
Conference beating entries from a nationwide field
including NHS organisations and national sight loss
charities. The panel of judges concluded: “This poster
stood out to the judges due to its overall combination
of a very important topic, a strong storyline and an
attention grabbing combination of text, pictures and
headlines to maximise the impact on the reader.
A very effective poster indeed!”
Ophthalmic Public Health Network
We established the online Ophthalmic Public
Health Network (OPHN) in 2012 on behalf of
the sector to bring together and provide a ready
means of communication for all those working
on or interested in ophthalmic public health and
eye health. The number of network members has
grown steadily to over 230 and we have ambitions
to expand it further. We nowmanage the OPHN in
house to save on costs and to allow us to develop
a greater insight into how the network can be
enhanced going forward.
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