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LOCSU Annual Report 2013/14
Building Services – Learning and Development
Providing learning and development opportunities
for LOCmembers remains an important strategic
objective. We develop future leaders for the sector;
we support officers taking on Clinical Governance
and Performance Leads roles; and we offer greater
accessibility to our induction and treasurer training
programmes. LOCSU is committed to offering
practical and stimulating courses to support members
to fulfil their wide-ranging responsibilities. The
success of LOCSU’s leadership training programme
can be gauged by the growing numbers and quality
of candidates in leading LOC roles, in LEHNs and
negotiating with CCGs to deliver successful community
services for practices and patients alike.
LOCSU Leadership Module 2014
In total, LOCSU has now developed 30 leaders for the
sector, with the majority moving into or adding to
their leadership roles. Many highlight the knowledge,
skills and confidence obtained by their participation
in the Leadership Module – unique within the optical
industry – as integral to their progress.
In June 2014, 10 LOCSU-funded students successfully
completed the LOCSU Leadership Module, marking
the programme’s third year as part of WOPEC’s (Wales
Optometry Postgraduate Education Centre) MSc. The
2014 cohort have delivered a strong set of leadership
projects which will be of interest and benefit to LOCs,
some of which will be featured at the NOC this coming
Case Study : Wider Roles for Jane
“I can honestly say that I would
not be where I am today
professionally without the LOCSU
Leadership Programme.
I benefitted enormously from the
course.” – Jane Gray, member of
East Yorkshire LOC.
“For me, the course showed howmuch more effective
we can be with this enhanced skill set and knowledge,”
reveals Jane who completed the module in its first year
and returned as joint module leader in 2014. She has
taken on new roles within the LOC, LEHN and the wider
“Since the course I have gained a greater confidence,
knowledge and skill set to approach new roles. The
first was to present at the 2012 NOC. The session
was co-presented by a fellow student and covered
the business case for the renewal of a local enhanced
PEARS-type service, for which I had taken the lead for
the LOC sub-group.
“Completing the module encouraged me to continue
with my post-graduate studies. I have now achieved
a Post-Graduate Certificate in eye care governance.
Studying for this qualification was an enhancement to
as the Clinical Lead when putting together the
business case for the new community service for the
LOC Company in 2014.”
In 2013, Jane was appointed as one of four sessional
hospital optometrists in a pilot scheme to train and up
skill optometrists under an ophthalmologist lead. The
aimwas to discharge suitable patients in the future
into a community-based monitoring service.
Jane says learning about different leadership models,
such as collaborative theory has been invaluable in
multi-disciplinary negotiations. And her experience in
community and hospital optometry and knowledge of
clinical governance has propelled her onto the LEHN
strategy committee as optometry clinical representative.
“My project involved the leadership of a team of
mentors who support optometrists with performance
issues and facilitate peer discussion sessions.
Accepting the opportunity to co-lead the LOCSU peer
discussion facilitator training days enabled me to share
some of these skills with colleagues with the aim of
making the introduction of peer discussion into the
CET cycle a beneficial and positive experience.
“I found the understanding of teammembers and
their behaviours enabled me to improve my responses
and self-management in working relationships and
negotiations. The contact days are essential; the
relationships and scope for networking is an invaluable
outcome of the team exercises, interactions and
student-to-student support.
“I would recommend the Leadership Module to any
optical professional who is already actively involved and
wants to be more effective. There is no other course of
this type available specifically for professionals within
the optical industry.”
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