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LOCSU Annual Report 2013/14
Building Services – National Influence
Working with NHS England
We have continued to play a key role in working with
NHS England to ensure the interests of LOCs and
contractors and performers are represented.
We have done this by:
Participating in the NHS England forum for the
national representatives of Local Representative
Inputting into NHS England’s primary care
policy development work along with the Optical
Engaging with NHS England leads in key areas
including Primary Care Support and IT.
Local Eye Health Networks
We have provided strategic support for NHS England
in the development of Local Eye Health Networks
(LEHNs) through our membership of the national
LEHN steering group and contribution to national
assemblies. LEHNs have now been established by all
but one Area Team in England and we have worked
with the chairs of the networks to promote LEHNs to
the whole eye health sector, and to increase awareness
of the value of LEHNs as the early adopters begin to
deliver useful outputs.
We have become a key link between the LEHNs that
operate at a local level and the work of the Clinical
Council for Eye Health Commissioning (see opposite)
at a national level, as the respective bodies become
more embedded in the NHS infrastructure.
LOCSU’s collaborative approach to
working with NHS England has brought
valuable expertise to a number of areas.
It has proved very productive to have such
enthusiastic support from them on the
Call to Action and the LEHN
Steering Group in particular.
Dr David Geddes, Head of Primary Care
Commissioning, NHS England.
Delegates at the LEHN Call to Action event in Nottinghamshire.
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