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LOCSU Annual Report 2013/14
Paul Jewitt Chair of Oxfordshire LOC said: “The CCG
was very much in favour of a single provider model to
reduce administration time on the already stretched
CCG staff. The support supplied by the LOCSU Lead
was invaluable to the Oxfordshire LOC in helping set
up the LOC Company, demonstrate the benefits to the
Commissioners, and implement the service.”
Ashton, Leigh &Wigan
Ashton, Leigh &Wigan LOC area had a pre-cataract
assessment pathway in place involving a large number
of practices. This was an excellent arrangement for
patients and the new CCG was keen to continue with
the service.
The LOC with the support of Optical Lead Dharmesh
Patel saw an opportunity to add value to the service
and discussions were opened with Wigan CCG. The
LOC proposed bringing the service under the regional
LOC Company and introducing OptoManager IT.
Improvements also included standardising
accreditation using the WOPEC cataract module.
Given the success of other schemes run by GM Primary
Eyecare, Commissioners agreed to the single provider
model and included an additional fee for IT and
Heywood, Middleton, Rochdale &
The IOP Repeat Reading Service in Heywood,
Middleton, Rochdale & Bury was recommissioned by
the new CCG. HMR CCG had already commissioned
a Minor Eye Conditions service with the regional LOC
Company – GM Primary Eyecare – and wanted to
replicate the contractual model used with its many
benefits for the IOP Repeat Readings Service.
Optical Lead, Dharmesh Patel, helped develop a
business case for the recommissioning of the service
with the LOC. Dharmesh explained that this presented
an opportunity to develop a more comprehensive
service and negotiate a new fee structure that was
more proportionate.
As a result of the evidence presented Commissioners
agreed to extend the service to include visual field
referral refinement and a pathway for patients referred
from non-participating practices with raised IOPs or
suspect visual fields. The service was subsequently
commissioned via the LOC Company.
PE(NE) achieves standardisation
across the region
As part of a desire by Commissioners in the North East
to move services to the NHS Standard Contract, LOCSU
Optical Lead, Zoe Richmond, has worked toe-to-toe
with them to make a standardised approach a reality
for CCGs and easier to adopt for LOCs and practices.
Primary Eyecare North East (PE(NE)) has used its
large footprint in the North East and Cumbria to
its advantage and has negotiated with six CCGs to
bring existing IOP RR and children’s services across
the region under one contract involving up to 140
practices. This means patients and practices across
Cumbria, Northumberland, and Tyne and Wear are
benefitting from a standardised approach with same
service specification.
Optical Lead Zoe Richmond explained: “The CCGs were
initially looking to roll over existing contracts until they
agreed a uniform approach, but the desire to introduce
the NHS Standard Contract meant they were drawn to
the single provider model, as were the practices.
“Agreement from the CCGs to move the Children’s
pathway within the same contract with PE(NE) is a
huge win, otherwise the optical practices would have
to hold an NHS Standard Contract with their CCG for
the Children’s pathway in addition to holding a sub-
contract with PE(NE),” she added.
Zoe said that Commissioners saw a natural solution
to move both services into the contract, with the
LOCs and LOCSU supporting the development of an
OptoManager module for the Children’s pathway in
tandem. “The scale of the service is very appealing;
greater sign up from optical practices, the more
Commissioners can deliver a service to their entire
population even when patients have had their sight
test in another CCG area.”
The Optical Lead has led all meetings with
Commissioners across the patch, delivering a
consistent message and working very closely with LOCs
via an LOC Forum covering the whole of the North East
and Cumbria.
It is clear that the regional company is becoming a big
force with both CCGs and practices; it is also currently
applying for AQP status in a tender launched by three
other CCGs in the region.
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