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LOCSU Annual Report 2013/14
Chairman’s Foreword
In summarising the elements of this annual report,
my focus is on two themes, ambition and transparency.
Is it possible for a sector to collectively have ambition?
The answer is surely a definite yes but that ambition
sometimes needs priming and also needs a voice,
a confident voice. LOCSU only exists to serve LOCs
throughout England and they are the very heart of the
sector. Through LOCSU’s ambition to assist LOCs
in developing community services in the newNHS
landscape, success breeds success and the more
we shout about it the better.
The LOCSU LOC Company model is nowwell established
and is being looked at by other primary care sectors. Case
studies further into the annual report demonstrate the
extent of its use including the regional model. As we help
LOC Companies move into ophthalmology-led contracts,
a new area of ambition is emerging.
As LOCSU is funded by those it serves it is essential that
there is transparency in all that we do. From the detailed
financial accounts and case studies published in the
annual report, consulting with LOCs on its three-year
strategic plan, publishing its annual business plan,
reporting at the National Optical Conference, visiting
LOCs, etc., LOCSU is determined that all its activities are
totally transparent to its funders. In addition, it is part of
the 2014/15 business plan that we undergo a governance
review to ensure that our structure and procedures are in
line with the way the organisation has developed since it
was originally set up by ABDO, AOP and FODO.
The financial reports on pages 28 and 29 set out the
results for the year including the reduction in reserves
to the policy level through a planned budgeting process.
2013/14 was the first year of operating with the funding
levy on GOS sight tests reduced by 20% from0.5% to
0.4% even though the scale of LOCSU’s activities is
increasing. It was a tough but worthwhile challenge that
we set ourselves as it is essential that we continue to
provide value for money at all times.
Kevin Thompson, AOP representative, recently retired
from the Board and I am very pleased to congratulate
himon being elected by the AOP Board as its Chairman
for 2015/16. Kevin’s thoughtful contribution will be very
muchmissed by the LOCSU Board and I thank him very
much for all his endeavours.
The AOP Board nominated Trevor Warburton to replace
Kevin on the LOCSU Board. Trevor is very much
connected with LOCSU as Chair of its Clinical Advisory
Group. I am very much looking forward to the major
input I know Trevor will give to the Board’s deliberations.
LOCSU, via its LeadershipModule at Cardiff University,
is developing leaders of the sector for the future.
LOCSU takes pride that given her sterling work leading
the course, Gill Brabner, LOCSU’s Learning and
Development Consultant, has been shortlisted for
Lecturer of the Year at the forthcoming AOP Awards.
Under Katrina Venerus’s strong leadership, the LOCSU
staff and Optical Leads are developing into a group of
acknowledged experts in their field. The enthusiasm they
bring to their roles is inspiration in itself and I know that
their work is much appreciated by LOCs as it certainly is
by the LOCSU Board.
The Future
Ambition is key to LOCSU’s continuing work for LOCs;
LOCs’ ambition and indeed the sector’s ambition. Taking
secondary care into primary care is at the heart of the
NHS’s ambition. Until eye care is recognised by all CCGs
as an area that cries out in the best interests of patients
and the NHS to be developed in this way, we must take
every opportunity tomake themaware. If we don’t then
no one else will and so the sector’s future in extending
involvement in primary care is in its own hands.
LOCSUwill certainly continue to leave no stone unturned
to seek opportunities for the sector.
I conclude withmy grateful thanks to all LOCSU’s Board
Members, our MD, Katrina Venerus, Staff, Optical Leads
and Advisors – the formidable “LOCSU Team”.
“LOCSU will certainly continue to leave no stone
unturned to seek opportunities for the sector.”
Alan Tinger
Executive Chairman
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