LOCSU Annual Report 2013/14 - page 6

LOCSU Annual Report 2013/14
Building Services – LOCSU’s Mission
Every activity carried out by LOCSU has one simple
aim: to increase the role of community optometrists
and opticians in primary care. Despite our small,
compact team, LOCSU’s reach is long – and our
achievements substantial. Together with our Optical
Leads, LOCSU’s effectiveness stretches across a
range of supporting activities, influencing decision
makers and forming partnerships to build business
for community optics and shape health policy:
Building community eye care through LOCs:
providing step-by-step support with procurement
and tenders
facilitating collective approaches through the
Company model
adding value for practices and patients in
developing IT and other tools for LOC Companies
managing services.
Building community eye care through learning and
identifying and supporting the leaders of the future
developing the skills of LOCs
providing training and mentoring for LOC
hosting key learning and networking events.
Building community eye care through supporting
piloting innovative community models
improving access to services for patients
providing the evidence and cost base
providing expertise and promoting a collaborative
Building community eye care through national
presenting the case for community services
representing the sector at a senior level and leading
the debate
leading the response to the Call to Action
forming alliances with primary care partners to
shape policy.
Building community eye care through partnership with
the voluntary sector and other stakeholders:
ensuring the role and potential of community
optometrists and opticians are understood
highlighting the gaps in current system
developing case studies
joint communications and public relations working.
Over subsequent pages, LOCSU looks back at the story
so far and – from the past year – highlights the big
numbers in community services, the endorsements
from Commissioners and LOCs alike, with detailed
case studies charting the support strategies and
winning approaches that LOCSU and its team of
Optical Leads have helped nurture into success stories
for LOCs, Commissioners and patients.
LOCSU’s collaborative approach to
working with NHS England has brought
valuable expertise to a number of areas.
It has proved very productive to have such
enthusiastic support from them on the
Call to Action and the LEHN
Steering Group in particular.
Dr David Geddes, Head of Primary Care
Commissioning, NHS England.
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