LOCSU Annual Report 2013/14 - page 9

Building Services – Procurement Support
LOCSU Bidding for Success
With a notable 100 per cent success rate in Any Qualified
Provider (AQP) procurements and Competitive Tenders
bid for, it is clear that LOCSU support – centrally and
through its teamof Optical Leads – is giving LOCs and
LOC Companies the tools to win business, improve
services, influence Commissioners and benefit patients
and practitioners alike.
It is often the intensity and quality of the support that
helps win the day. In most procurement situations
there is significant input into the process before
submitting a bid to Commissioners. It is often those
lengthy pre-service considerations that help position
the LOC Company as a viable provider or preferred
LOCSU’s wider insight into the commissioning
landscape and the intelligence and previous experience
of tendering and procurement processes pays
dividends. For LOCs aiming to utilise the single provider
model working with an Optical Lead is invaluable in
helping them to navigate the bid process and achieve
Competitive Tendering
In competitive tenders there can only be one winner.
Therefore, coming together as a single provider to
submit a bid is the only way that all practices across
an area will have the opportunity to get involved
in delivering services, if Commissioners decide on
competitive tendering as the method of procurement.
While the two-stage process itself is lengthy and
complex, we are delighted to have achieved success
in the two areas where LOC Companies have bid for
competitive tenders in the past year.
See page 18 for detailed Case Studies on Competitive
Any Qualified Provider
Similarly, with Any Qualified Provider procurement,
LOCSU has recorded a continued success for LOC
Companies in eight out of eight procurements, with a
further three bids currently in progress. It is important
to acknowledge that achieving AQP status, unlike
competitive tenders, does not guarantee business for
the company, as other providers may also be awarded
AQP status. Therefore, a “pay-as-you-go” tariff for IT
is vital to keep set-up costs for LOC Companies to a
See page 19 for detailed Case Studies on AQP
Optical Lead Poonam Sharma was
immensely supportive in the bid process
…Her experience of the process in other
schemes was significant in
the success of the tender.
Chris Kerr, Croydon LOC Chair and Governance Lead.
I would encourage all LOCs to consider
utilising an LOC Company to bid for
services. Although the amount of work involved
in a competitive tender did seem daunting at
times, thanks to the support of Charles Barlow
and the LOCSU team, we were able
to secure preferred bidder status.
VictoriaMerrett, Arden, Herefordshire&Worcestershire
Primary Eyecare Ltd.
The LOC Company has been extremely
attentive to the service development
and implementation and has worked closely
with the CCG inmaking changes and delivering
the services required. The CCG feels that the
LOC group will be in a good position and
will be key players in future commissioned
and contracted services within
North East Essex.
CarolineWestley, Commissioner with NHS North East
Essex CCG.
North East Essex
Clinical Commissioning Group
As an LOC we were not familiar with the
NHS terminology and the bid process.
Liz Greenwood worked closely with us and
her knowledge to help write the bid was very
valuable. We are very grateful
for LOCSU’s support.
Tushar Majithia, LOC Company Chair, Nottinghamshire.
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