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Commissioners’ Guide to Community Eye Health Services and Primary Eyecare Companies
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Single Provider Companiesmake it easier for CCGs
Primary Eyecare Companies
LOCSU has recognised that minimising administration and transaction costs is critical for the NHS when
developing local community eye health pathways. In response it established the Company Model which is now
being increasingly used by Local Optical Committees (LOCs) to set up their own not for profit Companies, which
are known as
Primary Eyecare Companies
. LOCs set up
Primary Eyecare Companies
to act as the lead/prime
contractor for the network of optical practices providing community optometry services in the area. Each
Eyecare Company
has its own Board of Directors who bring the wide range of leadership, governance, financial,
business and clinical skills, together with deep knowledge of the optical sector, needed to discharge effectively its
responsibilities for the governance of the company.
Benefits to CCGs
1. The CCG only has tomanage a single contract rather than individual contracts with all of the optical practices in
the area; the
Primary Eyecare Company
takes responsibility for managing the practices that it subcontracts the
services to.
2. Administration for the CCG isminimal as the
Primary Eyecare Company
can use the OptoManager IT platform to:
(i) collate robust activity and performance data fromall of its subcontractors and produce a consolidated
monthly report on KPIs tomeet the CCGs requirements
(ii) manage invoicing and payment disbursement to all of its subcontractor practices.
Therefore a
Primary Eyecare Company
offers CCGs the opportunity to work with a network of optical practices in
their community to give patients the best access to services and choice of provider, without the complexity of
managing individual contracts.
Stockport Minor Eye Conditions Service
Any Qualified Provider
Stockport Local Optical Committee (LOC) set up Greater Manchester Primary Eyecare in 2012 to support
their bid for a new ’Minor Eye Conditions Service’ for which Stockport Primary Care Trust had initiated an Any
Qualified Provider procurement.
Having a single Company as a contractor during this tendering process had a number of advantages. These
included that the commissioner only had to deal with a single contractor on behalf of the LOC saving
administrative costs. Also by incorporating OptoManager electronic software as part of their tender for their
service, Greater Manchester Primary Eyecare were able to offer commissioners a fullymanaged service which
included electronic auditing and thus robust data for the local CCG. The software alsomeans that the Service is
self-administering and does not require any administrative support from the Clinical Commissioning Group.
Greater Manchester Primary Eyecare was appointed tomanage the service fromApril 2013. In the first six
months of operationmore than 78%of patients seen in the community through the Stockport Minor Eye
Conditions Service did not need to be referred on for any further care and 1,450 patients were seen.
Greater Manchester Primary Eyecare has since been successfully used by a number of LOCs across Greater
Manchester to provide Commissioners with a single provider for delivering services. For example Heywood
Middleton and Rochdale’s LOC used the Company to contract with their local CCG to deliver aMinor Eye
Conditions Service in August 2013. The service is projected to treat more than 2,000 people each year at local
optical practices.
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