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OptoManager IT Platform
OptoManager is an IT platformoriginally designed to provide robust data for PCTs who wanted to be able to
monitor and evaluate the community eye health services they commissioned fromoptometry practices. The
secure web-based IT solution eliminates the need for manual data processing and supports the cost effective
administration of community eye health services.
OptoManager was developed for LOCSU byWebstar Health, an experienced IT company and provider of managed
service solutions for the NHS. The scope of OptoManager has been expanded to enable
Primary Eyecare Companies
to offer fullymanaged services to CCGs, including data collection, activity and performance reports and payment
disbursement to sub-contractors.
Clinical Governance and Performance Lead
Primary Eyecare Company
has a locally based Clinical Governance and Performance Lead who is accountable
to the Board of Directors and is responsible for providing clinical leadership and oversight of the service delivery.
The OptoManager IT platformwill play a pivotal role in assuring robust performancemanagement of the service:
The service delivery data, recorded at each step of the patient pathway, will be used by the Clinical Governance
and Performance Lead to systematically review the delivery of the service on amonthly basis. This is with a view
to proactively identifying potential quality and safety issues; and to drive continuous improvements in quality
and outcomes
OptoManager has the capability to provide KPI reports, as required by the commissioner. Including:
activity rates
rates of referral deflection
time to appointment
patient satisfaction scores/Friends and Family Test
patient reported outcomemeasures.
Regular review of subcontractor performance against KPIs by the Clinical Governance and Performance Lead will
allow the identification of outliers and/or other potential causes for concern ensuring prompt investigation and
action to address any issues identified.
Subcontractor practices will be required to report any complaints they receive to the
Primary Eyecare Company
via the OptoManager IT platformwhich will provide transparency and visibility of complaints as well as
facilitating the identification of trends.
Clinical Governance and Performance Lead Responsibilities
1. Oversee the accreditation process and ensure that all optometrists have successfully completed the
required training and assessments before being accredited for the service.
2. Ensure the subcontractor practicesmeet all the governance requirements laid out in the NHS Standard
Contract before being accredited for the service.
3. Be responsible for monitoring of all clinical governance and quality assurance arrangements and
monitoring andmanaging all subcontractor performance.
4. Attend reviewmeetings with the commissioner to discuss performance of the service against key
performance indicators (KPIs).
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