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Commissioners’ Guide to Community Eye Health Services and Primary Eyecare Companies
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South Tyne andWear IOP Repeat Readings Service
Direct Contracting
South Tyne andWear LOC carried out an audit of the existing IOP Repeat Readings service, to establish whether
the service wasmeeting local need. With data demonstrating that it was performing well and savingmoney, the
LOC set up a
Primary Eyecare Company
with neighbouring LOCs so that it could put together a business case
recommending the continuation of the service.
Primary Eyecare North East was set up whichmeant that local commissioners could deal with a single contractor
to support this service, rather thanmultiple contracts. As part of the tendering process, the Company integrated
OptoManager into their bid so that they could offer commissioners a fullymanaged service which provided
electronic auditing of the service, and also included payment disbursement facilities to ensure that all the
participating optical practices could be paid quickly and easily.
As well as the benefits of contracting with a single provider, the
Primary Eyecare Company
was able to
demonstrate to the Commissioners that as a Company set up on behalf of the LOCs which represent local optical
practices, it had invited all local optical practices to participate in the network of subcontractors. This allayed any
concerns that the companymodel would restrict themarket/number of practices involved. The new service is
also delivering a saving of £64 per patient episode and since the new Company took over the service on April 1st
2013, more than 580 patients have been seen to date.
“We supported the new service because the pilot showed it to be effective. It improved the patient experience,
providing care closer to home and reduced referrals to secondary care – helping our QIPP challenge. It has been
easier to procure the service from one body rather thanmultiple individual organisations.”
Steve Kirk, Vice Chair of Gateshead CCG
As a regional
Primary Eyecare Company
set up to act a single contracting vehicle for several LOCs in the North
East Area, North East Primary Care Company now holds contracts for IOP Repeat Readings Service for the
following areas: South of Tyne, Sunderland, Gateshead and Newcastle North and East and is currently working
with Cumbria to deliver the same service across the whole of Cumbria fromApril 1st 2014. The Company is
also supporting the commissioners in Co Durhamand Darlington to develop a pilot for a Community Eyecare
Pathway for Adults with Learning Disabilities.
Subcontractor Claims Management
The OptoManager IT Platformwill ensure that subcontractor practices can only submit an invoice once a patient
has completed all steps in the pathway and following entering all the required data.
In turn, the
Primary Eyecare Company
will only be able to invoice the commissioner for activity where the full set of
data required has been recorded.
LOC Company Model and NHS Procurement
Primary Eyecare Company
Model has been successfully utilised by LOCs in different in types of NHS
procurement used by CCGs including:
Any Qualified Provider
Competitive Tendering
Direct Contracting.
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