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Commissioners’ Guide to Community Eye Health Services and Primary Eyecare Companies
©2014 LOC Support Unit
Version 1, February 2014
These sources refer to footnotes on page 1
Primary Eyecare Company
is a not for profit company set up by a Local Optical Committee to act as a lead/prime contractor for optical practices
in the area. All local practices are invited to participate as subcontractors of the company.
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Social Care.
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Ophthalmologists, Nov 2013.
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Local Optical Committee Support Unit
LOCSU is able to put commissioners who are interested in redesigning ophthalmology services in touch
with their LOC, and to provide direct advice and support as required.
LOCSU also has a network of Optical Leads across England who are available to provide help, support and
advice to commissioners and providers alike.
To find out more information about LOCSU’s range of service or to get in contact with the LOC in your area,
or call 0207 549 2051.
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