Webinar proves a big hit with LOC Company Leads

17 April 2014

Handling KPI breaches, collecting patient surveys, the small provider exemptions and succession planning were just some of the hot topics up for debate during an online discussion held by LOCSU this month.

More than 25 people participated in a lively and topical webinar for Clinical Governance and Performance Leads (CGPL) hosted by LOCSU and Webstar Health in early April.

The webinar was organised to allow CGPLs to provide feedback on the recently introduced online training module and ask further questions about the topics covered by the module and their role in general.

The two-hour dial-up discussion proved to be a big success with a broad range of topics and approaches up for debate.

KPIs breaches were just one of the themes members were keen to share experiences of and learn lessons from others. The group agreed that among the most important KPIs for all services are:

  • Customer satisfaction measures (uptake and rating)
  • Access (timeframe for appointments)
  • Onward referral rates

Delegates were encouraged to discuss with their commissioners what will happen if a breach occurs and to work towards improving the service rather than applying sanctions when KPIs are not met. Leads were keen to examine the pros and cons of optometrists collecting patient satisfaction data, and their commissioners’ views on independent survey collection.

Dharmesh Patel (LOCSU Optical Lead and Greater Manchester Primary Eyecare) recommended that optometrists give the patient the survey form at the end of the consultation, have the patient return the form and then direct the practice administrator to upload the information to Optomanager at a convenient time. Katrina Venerus emphasised the need to consider the level of activity anticipated for the service when considering whether it would be viable to go out to third parties for surveys.

The group explored the reporting and accountability routes for the CGPL roles. The clear message being sent out is that CGPLs are responsible and accountable to the LOC Company Board, regardless of how their role is funded which will be a local agreement, and may be via the LOC. 

The groups agreed that the aim should be for the administration fees paid by the commissioner to be sufficient to fund the Clinical Governance and Performance Lead’s time spent on a service.

Katrina Venerus emphasised the need for all services to have a named deputy Clinical Governance and Performance Lead in place for succession planning in addition to cover, for instance, holidays.

Another question asked whether the Clinical Governance and Performance Lead should be an LOC Company director or not? LOCSU stressed there is no right or wrong answer here but the important thing is that all roles are declared and noted in the minutes of meetings.

Comments and questions came from a wide range of locations during the webinar, with contributions from Leads representing LOCs from; Camden and Islington, Birmingham, Oxfordshire, Wigan, Hampshire, East Yorkshire, Stockport, Essex, Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale, Cheshire and Manchester.

The group agreed that the library of online resources within the module was proving to be very useful. Katrina Venerus and Gian Celino answered a number of questions relating to practice and practitioner accreditation. For anyone unable to attend the webinar all the relevant information discussed on this can be found in Slide Deck 3 of the training module.

One important question was raised by Roisin Carruthers, Hampshire LOC, about the ability to upload training certificates to Optomanager. Gian Celino, from Webstar Health, assured members that the system is tailored to meet local requirements, so the relevant accreditation documentation can be uploaded for specific services.

Debbie Graham from Birmingham asked about the small provider exemptions and the group were referred to the NHS guidance which states that to qualify for the small provider exemptions an income for the NHS Standard Contract needs to be below £200,000.

During the wide-ranging webinar the group also discussed “nhs.net accounts”, the newly-revised Quality in Optometry toolkit and LOC Company insurance for directors.

Following the success of the webinar, LOCSU is now in discussions to make these a regular event for Clinical Governance and Performance Leads.

Speaking after receiving positive feedback from the event, Managing Director, Katrina Venerus said: “We were very encouraged by the number of people willing to get involved and we intend to build on this to develop a network for those taking up these roles so that they can continue to interact on a regular basis.”

“More than 25 people from LOC Companies joined the webinar and the level of interaction and range of subjects from participants was very good. The initial feedback on the training module is that it is a very valuable resource.

“If you have any comments or feedback either from a personal perspective or from LOCs or your members, please let Gill Brabner and I know.”

To find out more information about the module visit the dedicated pages on the Training and Development pages of the LOCSU website.

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