PECs playing a significant role in progress of services, LOCSU Annual Report reveals

21 November 2017

LOCSU’s 2016–17 Annual Report shows that both revenue and activity from Primary Eyecare Company (PEC) services have increased by more than 100% in the past year.

There are now 340 extended primary eye care services being delivered through the PEC model, with revenue up 105% and activity up 108% over the year to March 2017, coinciding with the launch of the Breakthrough Strategy.

Publishing the Report – called Support and Progress – LOCSU’s Chief Operating Officer, Richard Whittington, said: “It has been transitional year both in terms of LOCSU’s evolution and in health commissioning. We have seen a slow-down in local commissioning decisions as the NHS grapples with the changes to Sustainable Transformation Partnerships (STPs), Accountable Care Organisations (ACOs) and Local Care Organisations (LCOs).

“Despite this, the expanded Commissioning Leads’ team has continued to make their presence felt by offering extra capacity and skills to Local Optical Committees and Primary Eyecare Companies resulting in a steady increase in the number of services being delivered.

“There been a significant progress towards the 2017 objective of 60% of CCGs having or intending to commission a Minor Eye Conditions Service (MECS). Despite the slowdown in local commissioning decisions, the work of Primary Eyecare Companies, aided by LOCSU’s combined efforts, has seen respectable increase from 30% to 52% in the number of CCGs with or intending to introduce MECS as well as increases in other pathways.

This report shows how the activity and revenue have increased by more than 100% over the reporting year and the OptoManager data underlines the success of the expanded team on all comparison measures – annual, quarter-on-quarter and last two quarters.

While the Primary Eyecare Company model has become the norm for LOCs to deliver a service, there is now a clear need to rationalise and align, at the very least, with the geographies of the 44 STPs. The Commissioning Update shows that the conversation and process around PEC mergers has started, with a consolidated PEC across the southern coast of England covering up to 10 LOCs, leading the way.

Follow this link to the LOCSU website to download the full report.

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