List of LOCSU community eyecare pathways

List of LOCSU community eyecare services

Cataract Post-op
Cataract Referral
Children's Vision
Glaucoma Referral Refinement
Glaucoma Repeat Readings
Learning Disabilities
Low Vision
OHT Monitoring
Ophthalmology Referral Triage
Minor Eye Conditions Service
Specialist Contact Lens Service
Stable Glaucoma Monitoring

LOCSU's Map of Community Services - Optical Map of Variation

Welcome to LOCSU's map of local eye care services as commissioned by Clinical Commissioning Groups in England (as the successors to PCTs) and delivered by community optometrists and opticians. LOCSU has developed a series of pathways for common eye conditions that Local Optical Committees (LOCs) can use as a basis for negotiating local enhanced services with commissioners. As a result of the LOCs' work, optometrists and opticians across England are now successfully and safely delivering local eyecare services with high levels of patient satisfaction.

This map shows which community eyecare pathways are available where, according to the current arrangement of NHS England Regional Area Teams. To find out which pathways are in place, click on the relevant Regional Area Team. If you have any queries, please contact us.

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Service Key

Pathways are marked by icons coloured according to service. Different shaped icons represent different contract models.

     Individual Contract Services
     LOC Company Services