LOC Company Model

The Single Provider Model for NHS Community Eye Health Service

Commissioning effective and efficient community eye health services is an increasingly important way of reducing avoidable sight loss across England.   Now commissioning community eye health pathways has become even easier, thanks to the Single Provider Model (LOC Company Model) which allows Commissioners to use Primary Eyecare Companies to work with all optical practices in their area without the complexity or cost having to manage individual contracts.  

LOCSU has published the Commissioners' Guide to Primary Eyecare Companies to explain about the benefits of using Primary Eyecare Company when commissioning a community eye health pathway.  

Commissioners' Guide to Primary Eyecare Companies

Commissioners' Guide to Primary Eyecare Companies

Available to view online now.

Local Optical Committees 

If you are a member of a LOC and  wish to access more information about setting up a Primary Eyecare Company, you can access the LOC Companies Guide. For more detailed information you can visit our Members' area section for advice and information relating to LOC Companies (Primary Eyecare Companies).



General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for Primary Eyecare Companies

Data Protection law is changing with the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on 25 May 2018.

LOCSU has published new guidance and a data audit template for Primary Eyecare Companies (PECs) to help them understand the changes and actions that they need to take.



Not active

Contract in place


Some LOC Companies have subsequently coalesced to form Regional Companies. The map below shows all LOC and Regional Companies - Primary Eyecare Companies - across the country split into three groups: company activated, contract in place and company not active. Information is displayed as you hover over (or click on) each area-team region. As can be seen, the majority of LOC areas either have a Primary Eyecare Company with a contract in place, or a company has been activated.