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The Local Optical Committee Support Unit (LOCSU) provides training and support for members of local optical committees to make sure that committees have the right mix of skills to develop and negotiate local eye care pathways. For more information about the online learning available, email Simone Mason (pictured right), LOCSU's new Digital Support Learning Office.

LOC Company Finance Leads training

This short online module provides essential information for LOC Company Finance Leads on the management of the accounts of the LOC Company.  The videos include screenshots from Webstar’s OptoPay and audio commentary.

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Online Training Module for Clinical Governance and Performance Leads

This online training module has been designed and developed to support LOC Company Clinical Governance and Performance Leads. This resource is a valuable addition to the hands-on mentoring provided by the LOCSU optical leads and is based on the experience gained from working with the early adopter Primary Eyecare Companies.

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Developing & Attracting New LOC Members module

This online module draws on research conducted by Stewart Townsend, Chair of Staffordshire LOC and LOCSU Board member, and contains some useful recommendations to support LOCs looking to develop recently appointed committee members and attract new people onto the LOC.

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Induction Online Training

LOC Induction Online Training Module is a useful resource for all newly elected committee members and experienced members who want to updates themselves on the role and responsibilities of the LOC, the NHS landscape and who’s who of the national optical bodies.

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Treasurer Online Training

This training is now online and has been developed to provide guidance to new LOC Treasurers in their role. 

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Leadership Development

LOCSU’s Leadership Skills for Optics, is a 20-credit postgraduate model, which opened to the sector from 2012, through WOPEC at Cardiff University.


Community Services Training (WOPEC)

LOCSU in partnership with WOPEC offer training courses in Glaucoma, Cataract, Low Vision, People with Learning Disabilities, Children's Vision and MECS (PEARS) to support the implementation of LOCSU community service pathways.





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