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News (April 2021)

PCSE – Rejected Paper Forms

NHS England and PCSE have reached an agreement to make upfront payments to those who have experienced significant numbers of rejections of the new paper GOS forms. 

30 April 2021

LOCSU Supports College of Optometrists Latest Focus on Life Campaign

In October 2020, the college of optometrists launched the first part of their Focus on Life Campaign.

28 April 2021

PCSE Online Business Continuity Guidance for Ophthalmic Contractors

The PCSE holds an Online Business Continuity Guidance for Ophthalmic Contractors which can be accessed from their website.

27 April 2021

NHS England – Eye Care Planning & Implementation Guidance 2021-2022

NHS England has published Eyecare Planning & Implementation guidance for NHS Regions, commissioners (CCGs moving to ICSs*) and NHS Trusts (hospital eye services) for the new financial year (2021-2022).

27 April 2021

Case Study: Introduction of Electronic Triage in a Minor Eye Conditions Service in Devon

A LOCSU case study has looked at the introduction of an electronic triage system in the Devon Minor Eye Conditions Service.

26 April 2021

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