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News (April 2022)

Treasurer Sessions

The latest set of quarterly Treasurer sessions were run in March and are continuing to be welcomed as a useful addition to the support that LOCSU gives LOCs.

27 April 2022

Meet the team – Bobby (Sarvat) Fida, Optical Lead

“It’s a role that involves growth and development, so I think, I’m on a journey with a great team who help smooth out the bumps”

27 April 2022

New Report Calls for Country To Embrace Collaborative Primary Care at Scale

A new report from Public Policy Projects (PPP) and Healthworks has called for the wholesale scaling of the provision of primary care in the UK.

13 April 2022

LOCSU Appoints Clinical Director

Zoe Richmond has been confirmed as LOCSU’s Clinical Director.

13 April 2022

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