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Case Study: Implementation of a Postoperative-Cataract Service in Conjunction With Wakefield LOC

14 October 2021

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LOCSU has produced a case study looking at one of the first trusts to implement a Postoperative cataract service.

With demand for cataract surgery increasing by 9% year on year commissioners at the Mid Yorkshire Trust recognised the need for a new care model to take pressure off the ocular services provided by hospital Ophthalmologists. The trust was to become one of the first to discharge patients out to primary care.

The case study shows how Wakefield LOC were involved in the service development and implementation planning.  Events were held locally to introduce the new policies and procedures. From the outset it was recognised that Optometry core skills were sufficient to deliver postoperative cataract care.

The new pathway was implemented in 2012.

Bobby (Sarvat) Fida, LOCSU Optical Lead said:

“A strong relationship between optometrists and ophthalmologists was key to ensuring the implementation of a postoperative cataract service that is still in place almost a decade on. The core competency skills of optometrists utilised in a pathway like this ensures patients can receive a high level of care, close to home. Any LOCs who face challenges setting up similar services will hopefully feel reassured and encouraged by Wakefield’s example.”

Read the case study here.

LOCs who wish to find out more and explore the possibility of a service of this kind for their area should contact their LOCSU Optical Lead.

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