CCEHC and its member organisations call for the inclusion of Eye Health within the NHS LTP

15 August 2019

The Clinical Council for Eye Health Commissioning (CCEHC) and its member organisations, including LOCSU, is calling for the inclusion of eye health within the delivery of the NHS Long Term Plan (LTP). CCEHC has presented priorities for how the LTP can be delivered for eye health and care through the collaborative efforts of commissioners, service providers and clinicians. The Council describes how system-wide transformational change can be delivered for eye health through the implementation of the Systems and Assurance Framework for Eye Health (SAFE), including consistent commissioning of extended primary care services delivered from optical practice. Click here to read more.

Supporting these priorities, the strategic objectives for CCEHC for 2019-2021 are to:

  • Support the restructuring of commissioning and delivery of eye health and care service systems
  • Promote better use of capacity and resources
  • Call to improve data sharing and communication for direct patient care; and secondary uses to support planning, provision and commissioning of services

As an active member of the CCEHC, LOCSU has supported recently work adding to SAFE, click here to read more about the SAFE framework and implementation tool.

Clinical Council for Eye Health Commissioning

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