Change is theme for NOC 2018

4 November 2018

The theme for this year’s NOC is “change”. Guest speaker Giles Duley, a former celebrity fashion turned war photographer who lost both legs and one arm, will explain what businesses can learn from his unique and highly personal story of change. Follow the link for Giles’ full profile.

Our keynote policy speaker at the conference will be Dr Jo Bayley, who is Clinical Advisor of the System Transformation Group at NHS England. Jo will be giving an overview of how the move towards Integrated Care Systems in the NHS will change commissioning models.
In the afternoon session, her NHS colleague Richard Everitt, Programme Manager for Dental and Optical Commissioning, will update LOC delegates on priority projects for the sector, notably connecting optical practices to the NHS IT system.
Bookings and programme details can be found here on the AOP website. LOCs are reminded to book quickly as there is limited accommodation on the Wednesday night (14 November).

Latest news

  • Drive to increase HCQ Screening/Monitoring in Primary Care

    Commissioners and Trusts are increasingly turning to Primary Care for support following last year’s RCOphth guidelines. LOCs can refer to the newly published LOCSU Hydroxychloroquine pathway, as well as requesting support from their Optical Lead in preparation for discussions with Commissioners.

    20 June 2019

  • Introducing our new Optical Leads

    Our new Optical Leads have now started work. The team have completed their induction and looking forward to supporting LOCs across a range of issues.

    20 June 2019

  • LOCSU Optical Leads team launched

    Our new team of Optical Leads is now in place to work closely with LOCs nationwide

    3 June 2019

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