Clinical Pathways

LOCSU works with LOCs and local NHS Commissioners to develop local eye health services which are more accessible for patients and cost effective for the NHS.

LOCSU has developed a comprehensive Clinical Service Pathways Framework incorporating:

LOCs’ committee members can access all the pathways’ supporting documents by firstly logging in to the members area found at the bottom of this page and then navigating to the required service (does not automatically take you there.)

NHS Commissioners can access these documents by contacting their Local Optical Committee who can provide you with the required information.

LOCSU is an active member of the Clinical Council for Eye Health Commissioning (CCEHC) and has supported the development of the Systems and Assurance Framework for Eye Health (SAFE).

SAFE describes what a good eye health and care service system looks like and what is expected of it to meet population eye health needs. LOCSU’s pathways and clinical management guidelines populate the primary eye care sections of SAFE and support the delivery of SAFE in optical practice. A SAFE service system is commissioned to deliver a whole pathway of care providing a range and continuum of services that are based on risk stratification of a patient’s condition and the competencies of the professionals providing care.

Click here to access the SAFE Framework which provides tools to help commissioners in developing a more strategic and consistent approach to planning and delivering services.

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Services Directory

LOCSU’s directory of local eye care services as commissioned by CCGs in England and delivered by community optometrists and opticians.

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