Integrated Cataract Pathway

Integrated Cataract Pathway

Integrated Cataract Service Pathway (pre and post-operative)

This service provides an end-to-end care pathway for people presenting with a cataract at sight test who are keen to be considered for surgery.

Delivered in primary care optical practice, the pathway allows for the filtering of referrals to help ensure patients referred for surgery are suitable for surgery and want to proceed with surgery.

The vast majority of patients will have uncomplicated surgery and, so, will be eligible to have their post-operative assessment in primary care, usually provided by their referring clinician.

LOCSU has developed a comprehensive Clinical Service Pathways Framework incorporating:

  • Integrated Cataract Pathway

LOCs can access the framework diagrams, guidelines and support documents by logging in to the members area here.

NHS Commissioners can access these documents by contacting their Local Optical Committee.

LOCSU’s Clinical Service Pathways Framework reflects the approach detailed in the Systems and Assurance Framework for Eye Health (SAFE) published in 2018 by the Clinical Council for the Commissioning of Eye Health. Download the SAFE cataract document.

SAFE provides the basis for commissioners, provider organisations and clinicians to adopt a high-level, strategic, systems-based approach for the planning, provision and commissioning of eye health and care services, covering whole pathways and operating across traditional service footprints.

Commmissioning guidance – Clinical Council for Eye Health Commissioning/Royal College of Ophthalmologists

Skills and Training:

Contact and register with WOPEC (Wales Optometry Postgraduate Education Centre)

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