Communications survey reveals strong demand from LOCs for advice on NHS reform

24 July 2019

LOCSU recently invited LOCs to provide feedback on LOCSU communications via an online survey. The results provide clear direction on how LOCSU communications should evolve, and we’re grateful to everyone who participated in the survey for their valuable insight.

The survey results show high demand for advice and support on NHS Policy and commissioning changes at national, regional and local levels, as well as interest in sharing best practice in this area through case studies and regional feedback. Other opportunities highlighted by the survey include providing more insights into delivery of LOCSU’s key priorities of supporting LOCs and PECs.

LOCSU Communications Survey


LOCSU COO Richard Whittington commented, “LOCs are giving us a clear message that more information is needed to help LOCs navigate the forthcoming NHS changes, which are likely to bring significant challenges as well as opportunities for primary eyecare. We need to provide more guidance to LOCs in order to maximise opportunities in this new landscape. The recent appointment of the Optical Leads has started this process but there is undoubtedly more to be done via our communication channels.”

The communications survey results were presented to the LOCSU Board in July and it was agreed that the National Optical Conference (NOC) will be used as a forum for discussion and input on this key topic. In addition, new LOC Regional Forums, mirroring the new NHSE regions, will be put in place to aid the sharing of best practice, run by the Optical Leads who will act as ongoing resources to support LOCs in working with the new NHS landscape.

There will be an increased focus on specific topics throughout all communications, including the sharing of LOC best practice, training and development opportunities and updates on how LOCSU is influencing policy and governance. The monthly email newsletter will continue to be distributed and LOCSU will increase the use of Social Media by adding a LinkedIn channel to complement the existing presence on Twitter and Facebook. A ‘hints and tips’ guide for LOCs to assist them with setting up and maintaining Social Media accounts is also in the pipeline.

Further announcements regarding the NOC, Regional Forums and Social Media will be made in due course. However if LOCs have questions on this topic, please email

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