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Primary Eyecare Company meetings are essential for appraising colleagues of developments, improving service delivery and meeting current and future challenges and opportunities.

Regular board meetings should be held, and directors have a duty to attend meetings where they are reasonably able to do so. Notice of at least seven days must be given to every director in writing.

PEC board meeting agendas should include a declaration of conflicts of interest (the LOC Declaration of Conflicts of Interest Form can be used, adapting as necessary). They should also include a financial report, complaints/risk register, clinical governance report and a report on each service.

At the first board meeting there are additional items such as appointing roles, accounting management and policy adoption to be included on the agenda.

Annual General Meeting

The usual business of an AGM is to receive the annual accounts and directors’ report and to elect directors and/or auditors.

The minimum period of notice for an AGM is 21 days.

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