Local Optical Committees

Local Optical Committees were formed to represent all GOS contractors and practitioners to work with their local CCGs regarding NHS optical services.

In this section

LOC Resources

In this section of the website, we provide a range of publicity resources created by LOCSU Communications that can be adapted by LOCs for local use.

LOC Websites

Most LOCs have their own website which provide email contacts for the committee, details of LOC meetings including the AGM and CET events.

As the recognised local representative body, LOCs and their committee members carry certain responsibilities and requires specific skills which LOCSU can help you develop.

Established by the NHS (Amendment) Act 1949, LOCs represent the interests and are comprised of optical contractors and performers within defined areas while raising the profile of optics. LOCs are funded by a statutory levy on GOS sight tests (GOS forms 1, 5 and 6 fees) in their localities and meet regularly, including an annual AGM. A well-run LOC is a major asset to the local optical community, NHS and local authorities, and the public alike.

LOCs fulfil a number of important functions. In this section of the website you will find guidance on running a LOC, officer training, adaptable local resources, practical tips on how to run a successful AGM and links to your LOC website.