LOC Committee Roles

Chair – the chair/vice chair has a strategic role to play in representing the vision and purpose of the LOC. The chair/vice chair ensures that the LOC functions properly, that there is full participation at meetings, all relevant matters are discussed and that effective decisions are made and carried out.

Secretary – the role of the secretary is to support the chair in ensuring the smooth functioning of the LOC. In LOCs without staff, the secretary may take a greater role in the day-to-day administration of the organisation.

Treasurer – the overall role of a treasurer is to maintain an overview of the LOC’s financial affairs, ensuring its viability and ensuring that proper financial records and procedures are maintained. The treasurer must be aware of his/her fiduciary duties to the committee.

Administrator – the administrator will be expected to provide support to the LOC committee members in their various roles and to develop an understanding of the committee’s functions.

Training and guidance

LOCSU has designed training for new LOC officers and members and also specific training for LOC treasurers. Visit the members’ area for access.

Developing and attracting new LOC members – LOCSU has developed an online module which draws on research conducted by Stewart Townsend, chair of Staffordshire LOC, and contains some useful recommendations to support LOCs looking to develop recently-appointed committee members and attract new people onto the LOC. Visit the members’ area for access.

Declarations of interest

As part of the LOC’s activities as the body representing local contractors and performers providing general ophthalmic services in the LOC’s area, it is essential that committee members of the LOC state any interest or position that they and/or a family member hold in any other organisation participating in NHS commissioning processes in the field of eye health care, or other specialisms in the health and social care sector. Declaration of Conflicts of Interest Form for LOCs (Dec 2013)

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LOC Resources

In this section of the website, we provide a range of publicity resources created by LOCSU Communications that can be adapted by LOCs for local use.

Your LOC

Many LOCs have their own website which provide email contacts for the committee, details of LOC meetings including the AGM and CET events.