LOC Officer Training

LOCSU provides training and support for members of Local Optical Committees (LOCs) to make sure that committees have the right mix of skills to develop and negotiate local eye care pathways.

For more information about the online learning available, email LOCSU’s Digital Learning Support Officer

LOCSU has a great range of learning and guidance that can help you develop your skills to meet your LOC’s responsibilities.

Developing & Attracting New LOC Members module

This online module draws on research conducted by Stewart Townsend, committee member of Staffordshire LOC, and contains some useful recommendations to support LOCs looking to develop recently-appointed committee members and attract new people onto the LOC.

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Induction Online Training

LOC Induction Online Training Module, facilitated or non-facilitated, is a useful resource for all newly-elected members and experienced members who want to updates themselves on their role and responsibilities of the LOC, the NHS landscape and the who’s who of the national optical bodies.

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Treasurer Online Training

This training is now online and has been developed to provide guidance to new LOC Treasurers in their role.

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LOC Resources

In this section of the website, we provide a range of publicity resources created by LOCSU Communications that can be adapted by LOCs for local use.

Your LOC

Many LOCs have their own website which provide email contacts for the committee, details of LOC meetings including the AGM and CET events.