The fee to be a member of LOCSU, as paid by LOCs, is 0.5% of the NHS GOS sight test fees paid to local contractors (GOS 1, GOS 5 and GOS 6 fees).

Adjusting your LOC Levy

A standard template has been introduced for LOC Treasurers to email NHS England when requesting to change the LOC’s statutory levy percentage.

The template below must be completed in full and emailed to the ophthalmic team at your NHS England regional office.

Information required includes:

  • The total LOC levy percentage to be deducted (including LOCSU percentage)
  • Confirmation of whether the LOCSU levy should be paid direct by PCSE
  • The date you want the change to take effect from

LOC Levy Alteration Request Form (Feb 2019)

Once NHS England have approved the request for change, they will instruct PCSE to update the Ophthalmic Payments System accordingly so that the levy percentage collected is in line with your request.

PCSE will notify you once the Ophthalmic Payments System has been updated. Please note the new process is effective immediately.

Please ensure that when making any payment to LOCSU, please complete our levy payment form so our finance can identify where the payment has come from.

If you have any questions regarding the process or have any difficulty getting a change approved and any other levy issues, please contact lisastonham@locsu.co.uk for assistance.

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