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LOCSU announce 4-month pause in levy payments

3 April 2020

LOCSU is very aware of the impact that the measures to combat COVID-19 are having across the sector.

While the measures to combat COVID-19 are in place, including the ceasing of routine eye examinations, very minimal income relating to sight examination will be generated by optical practices. This will impact on LOC income and consequently LOCSU income.

To help LOCs through this difficult time the decision has been taken to halt LOCSU levy payments entirely in respect of the four-month period April-July 2020. 

Whilst there may be a small amount of activity generating levy payments to LOCs during this period, there is no expectation that the LOCSU levy will be paid on this activity income, the GOS grant or any payments made in relation of Covid-19 support for the four months outlined. The position will be reviewed in July in line with the COVID-19 situation.

Please be assured that the support and guidance provided by LOCSU to LOCs will remain unaffected during this period. Currently we are focused on support as we move through the COVID-19 crisis with emphasis on national policy work, regional forum sessions and local support as needed by LOCs. Alongside this, once the situation is more settled, it is hoped that during this four-month period we will also be able to proceed with other initiatives, including progressing with solutions to the issues raised at the NOC in 2019.

LOCSU is available to support LOCs via the Optical Lead team (below) and the central LOCSU team:

LOCSU can be contacted as normal via the mail addresses below which are continually monitored:

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