LOCSU Optical Leads team launched

3 June 2019

Knowledge, experience and energy are the key characteristics of our new team of Optical Leads, who take up their posts next  week.

The team is headed by LOCSU’s Interim Clinical Director Zoe Richmond and is looking forward to empowering LOCs and advocating on your behalf to ensure you get the support you need, when and how you need it. They will also be an open communications channel between LOCs and LOCSU, ensuring that your views and ideas are effectively communicated.

Zoe Richmond Optical Leads quote


This is an exciting step in our programme of support and development and the team has been recruited from a strong pool of applicants. They have an excellent mix of clinical commissioning skills alongside sound experience and understanding of the work of LOCs.

Speaking before the team’s launch, Zoe says: “The Optical Leads will play a central role in supporting LOCs in your core work to develop primary eyecare services, helping you engage with NHS stakeholders and other healthcare organisations. They can  also assist in organisational development, providing support around challenges such as determining committee structures, identifying members who wish to grow their leadership skills and helping with succession planning.”

Zoe continues: “The team has in-depth understanding of both the work of LOCs and the challenges you face in a changing NHS commissioning landscape. We’re asking them to use their experience to be sounding boards, offering advice and guidance and making sure that LOCSU is providing you with the right services and support.”

The Optical Leads will start by building relationships with the LOCs in their region and working in partnership to devise tailored support and development plans reflecting local and national challenges.

This initiative is part of our strategic plan emphasising partnership and communication with LOCs to deliver the right support where it’s needed.

Optical Leads will be in contact with individual LOCs following their induction. In the meantime please send any queries to info@locsu.co.uk

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