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LOCSU Supports College of Optometrists Latest Focus on Life Campaign

28 April 2021

In October 2020, the college of optometrists launched the first part of their Focus on Life Campaign, when they created the world’s first out of focus short film in which people related their happy moments and memories, and how these things are so reliant on good vision.

The college has now launched the second part of that campaign which is focused on children and their parents; once again they want members of the public to take a moment to consider the importance of clarity of vision, using social channels, media and their members to help spread the positive message.

This time they have re-released one of the best-known and popular works of English literature fiction – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – with entirely blurred text and illustrations.

Download here.

The college has had every word of the book, including the original illustrations by John Tenniel, blurred, to raise awareness of the importance of good vision for children. The idea is to demonstrate how the much-loved book could look with deteriorating eyesight.

LOCSU’s interim Clinical Director Zoe Richmond said:

“I’m delighted to learn about this imaginative campaign raising awareness of importance of good vision for children.

“The College of Optometrists demonstrate a clarity of vision in their new campaign. Great work”

College of Optometrists


LOCSU is supporting the campaign through its social media channels.

Once COVID-19 restrictions permit, the book will be on display in the College’s museum.

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