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NOC 2019 Workshops Summary and Action Plan

30 June 2020


The theme of NOC 2019 was to understand and debate the changing NHS and how LOCs could engage with the reform agenda.

The event incorporated interactive workshops which generated a huge amount of valuable ideas which have been distilled and formulated into an Action Plan by the LOCSU team.

This work was completed at the end of 2019/early 2020 and was ready to publish when the Covid-19 crisis hit. It did not seem appropriate to release it at that time, with so many other immediate priorities to be dealt with. However, now that restrictions are beginning to ease and the sector is taking slow steps towards recovery, the time feels right to distribute the thinking and plans.

Despite everything that has happened since the NOC, all elements of the plan are still valid and some have already started to be delivered. The desire to implement the full plan remains, however, as we work through the ongoing impact of Covid-19 some activities may need to be adjusted in scope and/or prioritised accordingly. Nonetheless, we wanted to share the Action Plan with all LOCs in its entirety, to reflect that the ideas behind the plan were generated by LOCs at the NOC. Essentially, this is your plan, and LOCSU is tasked with its delivery.

The Workshop Summary and Action Plan is available to read and download  here.

The intention is to create a formal project plan and track its delivery, reporting back to LOCs on progress on a regular basis.

We welcome any questions or feedback from LOCs. Please get in touch via your Optical Lead, or via email to


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