The Primary Eyecare Company is the contracting arm of the LOC, responsible for the day-to-day oversight and delivery of a local eye health service.

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PEC Training

LOCSU provides training and support for members of Primary Eyecare Companies (PECs).

While the LOC is responsible commissioning discussions with NHS Commissioners, the Primary Eyecare Company (PEC) is responsible for contract delivery.

It allows accredited optical practices to deliver a range of primary care eye health services and for NHS commissioners to establish these under a single contract.

Commissioning changes have seen the integration of Primary Eyecare Companies on a regional basis.

To operate effectively, PECs require a range of specialist skills including a Board of Directors to oversee clinical, finance and operational responsibilities. In particular, the Clinical Governance and Performance Lead (CGPL) role is responsible for the day-to-day running of the delivery of local services, including activity and performance reports to both the LOC and the CCG.

LOCSU offers a variety of training module and mentoring opportunities for LOC Officers looking to specialise in running a Primary Eyecare Company and delivering a local eye health service.