Human Resources

While most companies will not employ many staff, HR is still an important function of the Primary Eyecare Company.

Employment status

In employment law a person’s employment status helps determine:
their rights and their employer’s responsibilities. The main types of employment status are:

  • Worker
  • Employee
  • Self-employed and contractor
  • Director
  • Office holder. Most PECs will not employ anyone but there may be some that do. An HR policy is available for both situations in the members’ area (please log-in at the bottom of the page). Companies may make use of private consultants, for which a consultancy agreement will need to be in place


IR35 is a tax law which highlights ‘disguised employment’, where organisations engage workers on a self-employed basis and usually through an intermediary, rather than on an employment contract. This can save the engaging organisation a significant amount of cash as they no longer have to pay employers’ NICs, and it also means they do not have to offer any employment rights or benefits.