Annual General Meetings (AGMs)

Hosting and publicising your AGM

AGMs are an opportunity for LOC officers to update contractors and performers on the activities of the LOC and of plans for the future. Whilst not part of the formal proceedings, it is also an opportunity to have a guest speaker (with possible CET points attached) and the more attractive the agenda and speaker topic, the greater the opportunity to attract a good attendance.

Please find guidance below to assist LOCs with the planning of their AGMs, which should be arranged within three months of the end of the committee’s financial year:

The list below contains the details of AGMs and is updated as and when we receive the information. If you want more information about an AGM, please contact the LOC directly.

Alphabetical list of LOCs 2019 AGMs


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LOC Resources

In this section of the website, we provide a range of publicity resources created by LOCSU Communications that can be adapted by LOCs for local use.

LOC Websites

Most LOCs have their own website which provide email contacts for the committee, details of LOC meetings including the AGM and CET events.