LOCSU provides LOCs and PECs with invaluable support, such as policy guidance, training opportunities and communications.

What We Do

Through its small headquarters team and a team of regional Optical Leads, LOCSU provides support to all members of LOCs and PECs.


Our team work tirelessly to ensure that LOCs and PECs are compliant and up-to-date with the latest policies. Under our Policy page, you will find sections covering:

  • LOCSU’s First Principles
  • NHS Standard Contracts
  • GOS
  • Consultations
  • QiO
  • Information Governance, and collaboration…


Click here to access our Commissioning page to find information on:

  • Our Services Directory
  • Our Clinical Pathways
  • Details about NHS Commissioning


See our Communications section, where you can find out the latest news, view our newsletters, hot briefs and more.

Training & Development

Find out what training is available to our members by linking into this webpage here.


Click here to link to this section to find the latest information on PCSE processes regarding payments etc.