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COVID-19 Guidance

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak develops, LOCSU is working with all Optical Sector bodies including the OFNC.

The OFNC (Optical Fees Negotiation Committee) is comprised of the national representative bodies and is in close touch with NHS England-NHS Improvement, DHSC, the College of Optometrists, the GOC and LOCSU.

As of 1st April, NHSE have confirmed details of support payments for practices which continue to provide essential care for patients during the COVID-19 crisis. Read the OFNC statement including the NHSE letter, here.

The OFNC has compiled a FAQ and guidance which was last updated on 9th April.

LOCSU can be contacted via coronavirus@locsu.co.uk or info@locsu.co.uk.

Other Sources of Current Guidance

General Coronavirus advice for clinicians:


The College of Optometrists are hosting an FAQ which can be found at:


Further advice can be found on government and NHS websites:


Remote Operating Support

The government’s social distancing policy, as well as many people self-isolating, creates a challenges for LOCs to to operate, particularly with regard to upcoming AGMs.

LOCSU can support all LOCs to meet via the use of Microsoft Teams. The Optical Leads team will be able to support LOCs regionally and at no additional cost to the LOC. A member of the team will contact each LOC to discuss the options and help support next steps.

The LOCSU Optical Leads are: