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Draft NOPT Covid-19 Eyecare Restoration Pathways

Five integrated eye care pathways and supporting resources have been developed by national stakeholders, including LOCSU, to be implemented alongside the existing Covid-19 Urgent Eyecare pathway (CUES).

The pathways, national specification and protocols support local systems to identify opportunities and develop plans to use capacity differently. The LOCSU pathways and clinical management guidelines describe service delivery of these pathways within optical practice.

Where successful eye care pathways already exist, following the LOCSU pathways, LOCs should use the pathways to support greater integration within their local systems.

The pathways are currently final drafts awaiting NHSE formal sign-off but can be made available to local commissioners.

Links to the following pathway documents will be available shortly:

Covid-19 Cataract Pathway
Covid-19 CUES Pathway
Covid-19 DMO Pathway
Covid-19 Glaucoma LTC Pathway
Covid-19 Glaucoma New Patients Pathway
Covid-19 Maculopathy Pathway
NOTP Eye Care Restoration Services ECRS Service Specification 30/10/20