LOCSU’s role as an eye health innovator sees us work closely with optical sector bodies and wider health organisations. We believe that by collaborating with partners we are able to enhance and promote the role of LOCs, PECs and community optical care among health decision makers.

How do we collaborate?

LOCSU is proud to have developed a reputation within the optical and wider health sector as an innovator of new ways of thinking about present and future challenges and opportunities. But we have always been clear of the value of collaborating with like-minded organisations.

Amongst others, LOCSU works closely with the constituent bodies of the Optical Confederation (Association of Optometrists; Association of British Dispensing Opticians; Federation of Ophthalmic and Dispensing Opticians; British Contact Lens Association; Federation of Manufacturing Opticians); Clinical Council for Eye Health Commissioning; Vision UK; the England Vision Strategy; the Ophthalmic Public Health Committee; NHS England and the Department of Health at frequent seminars, forums and conferences. Through frequent discussion we are able to both frame and hone our positions in the interests of LOCs and PECs.