NHS Standard Contract

The NHS Standard Contract is used by CCGs for all NHS services outside of core primary care (GOS), which is commissioned by NHS England. The NHS Standard Contract is updated frequently to reflect legislative changes, clinical developments and national policy changes.

NHS Standard Contract

Evolution of the NHS Standard Contract

The NHS Standard Contract reflects the significant changes made to England’s commissioning structure following the Health and Social Care Act 2012 (also known as the ‘Lansley Reforms’). From 1st April 2013, primary care trusts were abolished and health care commissioning split between NHS England and CCGs and LOCSU works in this environment.

The NHS Standard Contract has gone through several iterations since. Following lobbying from LOCSU and other groups, NHS England now produces a ‘shorter’ (albeit still lengthy) version of the Contract which LOCSU believes is more appropriate for extended primary care services than the longer version. Both formats are broken down into fixed General Conditions and Service Conditions, and customised Particulars which include the service specifications, clinical pathways, reporting programme and pricing structure.

PECs, as well as some individual contractors, hold NHS Standard Contracts in order to deliver extended primary care services such as MECs and monitoring services.