Important Reminders

Reminder to register your practice(s) with PCSE Online

PCSE Online was launched back in November 2018.

You need to register your practice with PCSE Online to enable you to use the new online form and contact PCSE with queries. Registering also ensures you receive regular communications and updates from PCSE, as well as the ability to order GOS stationery.

For data security reasons, PCSE can only respond to email or phone queries from people who have registered to use PCSE Online (which has also been referred to as the ‘PCSE Portal’).

Online registration enables PCSE to carry out the necessary identification and verification checks – and ensures we only respond to authorised contacts in your practice.

If your practice is already registered on PCSE Online, the main contact/super user will be able to add or amend additional users in your practice. PCSE encourages you to check the named contacts that are currently included under your practice registration and update accordingly.

If you have more than one practice you need to register each practice separately.

For more information about PCSE Online, including how to add or amend users in your practice, please visit

Please note: PCSE’s internet provider has advised that a technical fault prevented some recent queries submitted via the current general enquiry form getting through. This has now been resolved.

If you used the general enquiry form on the PCSE website to submit a query in July or August 2018 and have not received a response, please resubmit your query. We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused. The technical issue did not apply to the following enquiry types:

  • CET claims
  • Pre-visit notifications

Please do not re-submit any submissions relating to these two enquiry types.

Reminder to submit your CET claims

Please remember to submit your CET claim before the window closes on 1 November 2018.

To make submissions as easy as possible this year, you should use the online form to simply upload your 2018 CET claim for payment.

The online process ensures an acknowledgement email is sent as soon as the claim is submitted. The subject of the acknowledgement includes the name of the performer that the CET is for, to help easily identify the claim. When the claim has been processed another email is subsequently sent to confirm it has been dealt with and that the grant will be paid in the next payment run.

The CET claim window remains open until 1 November 2018, and we would encourage contractors to submit their CET claims as soon as possible to ensure they can be swiftly processed for payment and not wait until the final deadline.

Further details and FAQs explaining the new online submission process are available on PCSE’s dedicated CET webpage and the online submission form is available by simply selecting ‘CET Claim’ from the drop-down menu on the Contact Us page of the PCSE website.

Pre-Visit Notification of domiciliary visits

The enquiry form on PCSE’s Contact Us page also provides the option to submit a Pre-Visit Notification of a domiciliary visit (PVN).

In order to complete the form, you will need to provide the same details currently required in a PVN and the following additional information:

  • ODS code
  • PCT code (this should be the same code that appears on the associated GOS 6 claim)

When all the details have been completed the PVN form will be available to review, save and print as a pdf for future reference before it is submitted. Please note you are required to keep a copy of all PVNs for post-payment verification purposes.

Each submission will receive an acknowledgement email with a unique case reference number. The subject heading of the email will include the postcode of where the visit is due to take place to help you easily identify which PVN the case reference number relates to.

The new form will ensure PCSE has all the information needed on a PVN to process the associated GOS 6 claim efficiently. It will also allow for substitutions and amendments to be made.

You can read more about the PVN process and FAQs on the Ophthalmic Payments service pages of the PCSE website.