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30 November 2011

General Ophthalmic Services (GOS) Contractors and Performers are set to benefit from a new updated and revised version of the Quality in Optometry (QiO) Toolkit.  Funded by the Local Optical Committee Support Unit, the Toolkit was originally developed by the Optical Confederation and the College of Optometrists to provide a model for clinical governance in England and Wales.  The QiO development group has updated the Toolkit to account for the amendments to the NHS Primary Care Commissioning (NHS PCC) Contract Compliance Framework, which now reflects recent variations to the GOS contract.

The Toolkit (available at http://www.qualityinoptometry.co.uk) is widely used by the profession – more than 1400 people already have QiO accounts and it is hoped that more practitioners will be encouraged to use the Toolkit, now that it has been updated. 

Additionally a new practitioner checklist allows performers to check that they have the knowledge they need to ensure their contractor meets the requirements of the GOS contract.
Summary of changes

  • Level 1, including the record audit in both the spreadsheets and the online version, now fully reflect the changes to the framework
  • A new practitioner checklist has been introduced that:
    • allows performers to work through items that are drawn from the contractor list, but that performers ought to know
    • enables practitioners to create a checklist for each practice they work in, which can be personalised to policies specific to each practice, and 
    • can be printed out to demonstrate to contractors that the performer has the required knowledge

Trevor Warburton, Chairman of the QiO development group which was responsible for the update, said:
“QiO is an invaluable resource for contractors seeking to ensure that they comply with their GOS contracts.  The new addition of a practitioner checklist provides useful information to individual practitioners as well as enabling them to demonstrate their knowledge to their employers.”

Katrina Venerus, Director of Operations and Commissioning at LOCSU said:
“We are pleased that funding this Toolkit has meant that performers and contractors have access to an easy-to-use resource to check that they are complying with GOS contracts, saving time and money in the long run.”

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