New IOP referral refinement scheme for Buckinghamshire LOC

19 July 2012

Buckinghamshire LOC’s IOP referral refinement scheme, which was launched in March 2012, is now fully up and running. 

Scheme overview

  • This scheme is a single Goldmann repeat process after tonometry giving IOP over 21mmHg in either eye.  
  • Age banding, in line with the "Guidance on the referral of Glaucoma suspects by community optometrists", jointly produced by The College of Optometrists and The Royal College of Ophthalmologists, is only applied after the Goldmann measurement..
  • Visual Field and disc assessment must have already been done.
  • Only patients with normal discs and fields (not suspicious of Glaucoma) join this scheme - those patients requiring referral are referred direct to the hospital trust.
  • Any practice not on the scheme continues to refer raised IOPs through the normal channels - this number of practices will steadily reduce.

Working with the Primary Care Trust and OptoManager

We were keen to show the Primary Care Trust that the scheme would be self-managing in terms of administration and auditing so asked LOCSU and Webstar Health to present OptoManager-the electronic reporting software-to the PCT.  The PCT welcomed the product and agreed to take on the costs of auditing and managing the service using this software which was great news.  We are currently working with our local ophthalmologists and Sali Davis, LOCSU Operations Manager, to tailor the OptoManager product so it reflects the needs of our scheme in Buckinghamshire.  

Webstar Health, who worked with LOCSU to develop the original software, have also demonstrated the software as part of the accreditation training sessions for participating optometrists and we will be rolling it out shortly. 

We were very grateful to the PCT who provided funding to help with the purchase of Goldmann tonometers in many participating practices – we did negotiate a discounted price for them from Keeler. 


The four glaucoma specialist ophthalmologists on the patch require every accreditee to attend a hands-on "training/refreshment" session on Goldmann along with scheme familiarisation. This is run jointly by the hospital trust and the LOC approximately one evening per month until as many practices as possible have been covered.  Each session provides accreditation for 18 optometrists (three optometrists plus tutor per slit-lamp station in the Eye Unit at Stoke Mandeville Hospital). For the small numbers of people who have not been able to make the sessions, training will be provided by the Chair of the LOC. 

Numbers of participants

There are currently 51 accredited optometrists working across 28 practices participating in the scheme.  This is out of a total of 62 practices.  We are keen to expand the scheme to cover as many practices as possible. 

Lessons learned? 

Working closely with Webstar Health and LOCSU has been really helpful in terms of moving our scheme on from a paper-based system. 


Bruce Gilson, Chair of Buckinghamshire LOC 

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