LOC Levies and Payments to Contractors for Enhanced Services (or Community Services)

16 July 2013

LOCSU are aware that a number of LOCs have experienced delayed or incomplete levy payments since 1st April.  Local Dental Committees and Local Medical Committees have had similar problems.  

In early June we handed over a list of 25 LOCs to NHS England that had reported they were still awaiting either some or all of the levy payments they were due.  In all cases, it would appear that the levy had been taken from contractors but it hadn’t been paid to the LOC.  

Senior colleagues at NHS England have investigated these problems and the matter has been escalated to senior management within NHS Shared Business Services (SBS), who are responsible for making all payments.  A number of LOCs have now received the levy payments in question as a result of this intervention, but we are aware that several are still outstanding.  

NHS England is in discussion with NHS SBS to establish ways which ensure payment processes are speeded up and improved.  

LOCSU have also heard reports that some contractors have not been paid on time/at all for enhanced services claims they have submitted after the 1st April handover.  In some cases, the problem appears to be that NHS SBS are again not making payments on time.  However, in a few cases, CCGs have been slow to implement robust systems to process enhanced services claims submitted by contractors in the first place.  

This is obviously completely unsatisfactory and we are in regular contact with NHS England to get these issue resolved.  

Action:  All LOCs who are still awaiting overdue levy payments following the July payment cycle or whose local contractors are experiencing delays in enhanced services payments are asked to email jacquehudson@locsu.co.uk with the details so that we can continue to pursue this with NHS England.

If you have any further questions, please email us at info@locsu.co.uk


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