Primary Care Support England (PCSE)

On 1 September 2015, Capita plc took on responsibility for delivering NHS England’s primary care support service – now called Primary Care Support England (PCSE).

Primary care support services relevant to opticians and optometrists include: administrating monthly payments of GOS claims; processing Performer List applications and GOS contract applications; deducting Local Optical Committee (LOC) levies; supply of GOS forms; and processing Continuing Education and Training (CET) payments.

  • To go to PCSE's website, please click this link
  • PCSE Customer Services Centre telephone: 0333 014 2884

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below a list of Frequently Asked Questions relating to the services provided by PCSE.


Where should I submit GOS claims to?

All GOS claim forms sent via Royal Mail should be submitted to:

Primary Care Support England
PO Box 350
Darlington DL1 9QN

Submitting your claims to Preston or any other address will result in delayed payments.

If you would like to use a courier service to deliver forms to PCSE, please use the following address:

Capita Intelligent Communications
Building 17, Units 2 & 6
Lingfield Point
McMullen Road
Darlington DL1 1RW

Should I attach submission headers to my GOS claims?

You should make sure all GOS forms are sent with the tailored GOS submission headers provided by PCSE for your practice and that the forms within each batch correspond to the relevant submission header type (ie only GOS 1 forms in GOS 1 batches). Click here to see example new headers for GOS1GOS3GOS4, GOS6.

You should make sure all GOS submission headers are completed in full, including your contractor code and check that the submission header totals agree with the total value of all claims and the total number of forms included in the corresponding batch.

You should send in two copies of each GOS submission header to PCSE. One copy will be returned to you to assist with the reconciliation of payments.

Can I photocopy my tailored GOS submission headers?

Once you have received tailored GOS submission headers from PCSE these can be photocopied for use in future months. Please ensure that the barcode and practice details remain legible on photocopied headers.

Can I get a PDF version of my tailored GOS submission headers?

If you would like pdf versions of the tailored GOS submissions headers for your practice, please contact and put “Request for GOS submission headers – [practice name]” in the email subject header.

How can I reconcile payments received from PCSE for GOS claims?

The following process has been agreed with PCSE to assist contractors with the reconciliation of payments received. You should send in two copies of the submission header attached to each batch of GOS forms you submit. 

One copy of each submission header will be returned to you by PCSE confirming how much has been paid versus how much you claimed.

Any rejected/incomplete claim forms will be attached to the copy of the submission header that is returned to you.

This process will assist you with the reconciliation of payments received.

If you have a GOS payment query please contact and put “GOS payment query – [practice name]” in the email subject header.

What should I do if I have not received payment for GOS claims?

If you not received payment for GOS claims, or have received an under or over payment, please contact and put “GOS payment query – [practice name]” in the email subject header.

Please include the following information in the body of your enquiry:

  • Your practice name, postcode and town or locality
  • The date your forms were sent to PCSE
  • The variance in the payment you received compared to what you were expecting

If you are emailing about an existing case please include your case reference number in the email subject line, to allow PCSE to automatically link your email to your original query. 

For urgent payment issues that are impacting on cashflow and are not being dealt with by PCSE, please contact and request that your issue is escalated.  Please provide your practice's full address, your contact telephone number, details of the outstanding/missing amounts and any Case Reference number you have been supplied with by PCSE.    

How do I make a claim relating to an ophthalmic payment delay?

Contractors that have experienced a late payment relating to GOS sight tests and/or voucher claims submitted up to 31 March 2017 should complete the Ophthalmic Payment Claim Form. Guidance on completing the form can be found on the LOCSU website. If a payment is still outstanding relating to this period, you should use the form to escalate the issue, even if you have already notified PCSE of the matter.

Completed forms should be emailed to by Friday 8 September 2017 with “Ophthalmic payment claim – contractor name – contractor code” in the subject header. The information provided in the form will then be considered by NHS England.

Have the submission cut-off dates or payment dates for GOS claims changed?

There are no changes to claim form submission dates.

Please see the list of claim form submission dates for each area.

What should I do if I have not received a statement for my GOS payment?

If you not received a statement for your GOS payment, you should contact and put “Request for GOS statement – [practice name]” in the email subject header.

Where should I submit domiciliary notifications to?

Domiciliary notifications can be emailed (from an email address or as an encrypted email from a non email address), posted or faxed to PCSE.  

Email: and enter “Domiciliary sight test notification – [practice name]” in the email subject header.


Primary Care Support England
PO Box 350

Fax:      0113 277 6912

How do I order supplies of GOS forms?

Supplies of GOS forms should be ordered via the PCSE supplies portal at

You can order and track your supplies online and check on delivery times.

All supplies orders will be delivered by PCSE’s national courier firm, CitySprint.

Deliveries will be made to your practice on the same day each week.

How do I register on the PCSE supplies portal?

To enable PCSE to respond to email and telephone queries, and for you to be able to order supplies, including GOS forms, contractors are required to register on the PCSE portal. Portal registration enables PCSE to carry out the necessary identification and vetting checks to respond to enquiries from contractors.  Without this, PCSE is unable to respond to enquiries due to data protection. 

If your practice is already registered on the portal, the main contact/super user will be able to add or amend additional users.  Please check the named contacts that are included under your practice’s portal registration and update accordingly.  

If your practice is not currently registered, please email with the following information:

  • Main contact name
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Practice name
  • Practice address including post code
  • Organisation code (If you know it. This is your unique 5-digit reference beginning with 'TP' eg TP1N5‚Äč)

For more information about the portal, including adding or amending users, please visit

Once registered on the portal, your practice will receive regular emails with updates about your service, including future service developments for submission of GOS forms electronically.

How do I submit a claim for a CET grant in 2017?

Claims for CET undertaken by ophthalmic practitioners between 1 January to 31 December 2016 must be submitted between 1 July 2017 and 31 October 2017 to PCSE at  If you have already submitted your CET claim please do not send a duplicate.  PCSE are currently processing the claims they have received and will contact you direct if there are any issues with your claim.

As a reminder, CET allowance payments are payable to contractors.  A payment can be claimed by a contractor in respect of either:

  • CET he/she has undertaken personally in the year between 1 January to 31 December 2016.
  • CET undertaken in the year between 1 January to 31 December 2016 by an ophthalmic practitioner on the Ophthalmic Performers List.  The CET allowance for 2016 is £545.

Please follow the steps below to submit a claim:

  1. Complete the form which can be found via this link or on the Department of Health Website
  2. Sign and date the form in the appropriate place(s)
  3. Scan the signed form and attach to an email
  4. Put ‘2017 CET claim’ in the email subject header
  5. Email to  (You must use the email address the contractor has registered with PCSE to access the supplies portal.)

You will receive a case reference number from PCSE once they have received your claim form. Please note you are asked to submit only one claim form per email so that you each form has a unique case reference that can be tracked.  If you have not heard from PCSE within 4 weeks, please contact them directly.  The preferred route for submitting CET claims is by email to but if you prefer to submit by post, you must send to:

Primary Care Support England
PO Box 350
Darlington DL1 9QN

Important: Claim forms submitted to any other email or postal addresses will not be processed. 

Where can I find the name and address of my NHS England Regional team as required by the CET Claim Form?

Step 1: Go to and enter your practice postcode to get the name of the Area Team.

Step 2: Go to to find the Area Team address.

When will I receive payment of my CET grant?

Contrary to previous advise from PCSE, they announced back in November that it was taking longer than expected in the processing of all 2017 CET claims, with the outcome that a number of claims wouldn't be paid until the end of January 2018. 

Please see:

The Optical Confederation will be meeting with NHS England to stress that delays to these payments are unacceptable to the sector and to demand a detailed explanation as to what is being done about the fact the service delivered by Capita is still not operating at the expected level more than two years after the outsourcing contract was awarded.

Therefore, any contractors who have still yet to receive payment for their CET claim submitted back in October 2017 should send an email to and put “Unpaid CET claim - optometrist’s name and GOC number” in the subject header. The contractor should include the date the claim was submitted in the body of the email and state whether it was sent by email or post. Please note that the enquiry needs to come from the contractor or contractor’s representative rather than the performer.

How do I apply to the NHS England Ophthalmic Performers List?

Information on applying to the NHS England Ophthalmic Performers List can be found at

How can I enquire about the status of my application to the Ophthalmic Performers List?

To enquire about the status of an application to the Ophthalmic Performers List you should contact with “Case reference – NPL1 – forename, surname – GOC number” in the email subject line.   

How do I make a claim relating to a delayed application to the Ophthalmic Performers List?

Optometrists who wish to submit an application relating to a delay in obtaining an NHS England Performers List number should email details of the delay to by Friday 8 September 2017 with “Ophthalmic NPL claim – optometrist name – OPL number” in the subject header.

You will receive prompt acknowledgement of your submission and the information provided will be considered by NHS England.

New Pre-Reg Training Grant form

A new, standardised form for claiming a grant for providing Pre-registration training in England has now been released.

The Supervisor Training Grant application form should be submitted to Primary Care Support England (PCSE), who are responsible for processing claims on behalf of NHS England. The allowance paid to supervisors is set out by the Department of Health on an annual basis and from 1 April 2017 the grant is £3,514.

Contractors can either claim the full value of the grant at the end of the pre-registration year or in two instalments (one after six months and the other at the end of the pre-registration year). Please note the form needs to be signed by the contractor, supervisor and trainee.

Completed forms should be emailed to: from the email address the contractor has registered with PCSE with "pre-registration training grant – [trainee name and GOC number]" in the email subject header.

  • PCSE will issue a case reference number on receipt of the claim form, which should be quoted in any future correspondence regarding the claim.
  • PCSE will verify the information provided on the form against the information the College of Optometrists holds on trainees.
  • If there is any discrepancy in the information submitted, PCSE will contact you and check with the College if necessary.
  • Once the claim has been validated, PCSE will arrange payment with the contractor’s next GOS payment

Download the Supervisor Training Grant application form.

If you have any queries regarding a claim for a pre-reg grant, contact

How can I make a complaint to PCSE?

To make a complaint you should contact PCSE at:

You will receive a unique case reference number to be used in future correspondence relating to the matter. A case handler will be assigned to your complaint who will update you on progress and contact you if PCSE need any further information. With all complaints, PCSE aim to respond in writing within 40 working days, in line with NHS England’s complaints process.

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