Keynote speakers announced for National Optical Conference

7 October 2019

Building Local Optical Council (LOC) expertise into the national discussion on NHS delivery and reform is the primary aim of this year’s National Optical Conference, which takes place on 13-14 November.

Recognising the urgent need to ensure perspectives from the optical sector are heard, the conference programme contains a mix of in-depth information on the progress and direction of NHS reform together with opportunities for LOC representatives to contribute their local experience and knowledge to the debate.


Matt Neligan, Director for Primary Care Commissioning and Transformation at NHS England and NHS Improvement, will deliver the first keynote speech giving essential insight into NHS change and reform. Professor James Kingsland, OBE, former President of the National Association of Primary Care (NAPC) will present the second keynote. Professor Kingsland was co-author of the primary care home model and is Clinical Lead for the National Primary Care Network. He will examine how Primary Care Networks (PCNs) operate and their importance as a target for LOC activities and engagement. This will lead on to a panel Q&A session including an optical sector representative giving attendees the chance to raise key issues.

An innovation for this year’s conference is the facilitated discussions that will address six topics of direct relevance to LOCs, including engagement with PCNs and STP/ICS transformation. This is an opportunity for delegates to contribute their local knowledge and expertise and ensure that it becomes part of the national debate. The outcomes of the sessions will inform how LOCs and LOCSU continue to respond to NHS reconfiguration.

Alongside the conference agenda there will be opportunities to network with colleagues from across the country and build relationships to support future collaboration. LOCs are encouraged to send multiple delegates to the conference to maximise their potential to contribute, network and learn about the fast-changing NHS landscape.

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