LOCSU offers a comprehensive range of courses suitable for all levels of experience – from new officers through to optical leadership.


LOCSU has a dedicated course for you

Whether you are looking to join the LOC, a new officer, interested in a role in the Primary Eyecare Company or in becoming a leader in the optical sector, LOCSU has the right course for you.

Training courses are provided for different LOCs and PECs roles and specialised courses for Leadership. Visit the LOC or PEC page for dedicated officer training or click on the links for specialised learning or coaching.

LOCs are encouraged use their free place to send new officers to attend the National Optical Conference which runs skills-based workshops and offers unrivalled networking opportunities for LOC Officers.

You will need to sign up via your LOC to access the training with a member account for the LOCSU website. Email info@locsu for more information.

Follow the links to read more about LOCSU Training.